July 12-14, 2024

Presented By: St. Andrew's - St. Clement's Agricultural Society

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This year, we're shaking things up and showcasing the most exciting competitions as standalone events, ensuring every moment is filled with adrenaline and excitement. Get ready for the ultimate display of bravery as riders go head-to-head with fierce animals in events such as Bull Riding, Bucking Horses, Barrel Racing, and Team Roping. And that's not all! This year, we're thrilled to introduce an exciting new addition to the lineup - Kids Wild Pony Racing! Watch in awe as young riders fearlessly take control of wild ponies in an action-packed display of skill and determination. This event is open to local youth, see the website for sign-up instructions - Three kids, 13-years-old and under, make up a team. Each team is given one haltered, wild, pony. They then must work together to hold on to the lead rope of the pony, and one must get on the pony. Once one of the team members is astride, they must stay on for two seconds.

These are open events, available to newbies and pros alike!

Text or call 204-485-3004 to get entered or fill out the online form!